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Pascal is a general-purpose, high-level language that was originally developed for teaching programming as a systematic discipline and to develop reliable and efficient programs.

Pascal is an Algol-based language and includes many constructs of Algol and Algol 60 is a subset of Pascal. Pascal offers quite a few data types and programming structures, making it is easy to understand and maintain Pascal programs.

Pascal is widely used in the teaching and academics arena for a few reasons:

  • Easy to learn.

  • A structured language.

  • Produces clear, efficient, and reliable programs.

  • Can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms

Pascals features:

  • Pascal is a strongly typed language.

  • Offers extensive error checking.

  • Provides several data types like arrays, records, files, and sets.

  • Provides a variety of programming structures.

  • Supports structured programming through functions and procedures.

  • Supports object-oriented programming.


So why use Pascal?

It allows programmers to define complex structured data types, build dynamic and recursive data structures like lists, hierarchies, search options, calculations, or graphs.

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